Saturday, June 23, 2012

safari is the new rubino

beberapa waktu yang lalu, saya baca di hellogiggles artikel yang bagus. saya taruh di blog, buat simple reminder aja. kalo mau baca lagi time by time.

my new 'seventeen'

When I was in middle school, I would peruse Seventeen looking at the models and celebrities and pages full of clothes and feel decidedly worse.
S***ty, even.
It took a few more years to realize that instead of feeling bunk, I could just put the magazine down. I didn’t need to compare myself to models, or wish I had thousands to spend on clothing; I just needed to read better material. Who can think about shoes when Raskolnikov just committed murder?
Lately though, I’ve slipped back into my middle school days.
And what’s the culprit?
The Internet.
Specifically, lifestyle blogs on the Internet.
Blogs written by ladies who make homemade tortilla chips, take three-hour lunches and pair Prada with thrifted caftans. Who have perfectly decorated homes (think Buddha meets Mexico meets Minimal) and creative jobs to foot the bill.
Now, I like these blogs, I do.
I like the aesthetic and the photographs, the flowers and the food and damn if I don’t like the clothes. The problem is, they make me feel inadequate.
Working a full time job, I have little time for anything else. My small victories are making it to the gym and showering after. How do these ladies do so much? Don’t they ever wake up hungover? Don’t they ever find their friends too busy or too broke for a 3-hour lunch? Don’t they ever come home from a long day of work and the last thing they want to do is make homemade pizza complete with wheat crust, caramelized onions, heirloom tomatoes and fancy ricotta cheese?
Once I’ve started this dangerous line of questioning, I start questioning myself. Why don’t I have it figured out like these ladies obviously do? Why can’t I work, blog, shop, travel and have MONEY and HEALTH CARE and PRADA all in one?
WHAT is going WRONG in my life?!
After I’ve escaped this pity party (usually takes 20 minutes to an hour), I remember the real world: the world that’s still recovering from the long recession and unemployment blues, that faces too many problems to list. Am I really feeling sorry for myself because I don’t have fresh flowers or dinner parties or new shoes every week? Kind of lame, I tell myself, kind of vain too.
Maybe I just need another change in material.
War & Peace on e-books, anyone?

by Rosa Handelman

Hihihi.. sangat sangat setuju dengan tulisan ini, setiap hari saya kasih paling engga setengah jam sehari buat ngeliat blog blog super mom ini. meng-quote feedback dari artikel ini "I can do it all, and beautifully, too” lifestyle bloggers. bukan seperti blogger indonesia yang kebanyak pake bantuan asisten, dan bolak balik ngebahas quinny, mpasi, rum dan non-rum. mereka ga ngebahas ngebahas dan ngebahas. they deal it all sendiri, dari asi, blw, masak, ngedate, travel, photography dan... dengan fashionably too. bagaimana mereka menikmati peranan jadi istri, ibu, yang personally.. i still juggle alot. betapa sempurnanya kasih sayang mereka. dan badannya. dan barang barangnya... :P

jujur, setiap habis ngintip blog blog ini, saya merasa kurang. merasa saya mestinya bisa lebih. dan ga selalu akurnya saya dan deni bikin saya mikir 'ada yang salah ama pernikahan kita apa ya?' kok ga selalu saling memahami dan menerima.

baca artikel diatas, saya jadi lihat ringan sebetulnya kita bisa ngeliat masalah kita, lagian kita kan juga ga tau aslinya masalah rumah tangga mereka. yang kita liat, atau yang mereka perlihatkan yah yang baik aja. setiap orang mungkin berhak berpura pura. seperti sampul majalah saja, cantik tapi tetep butuh photoshop.

picture taken from here

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