girl: lost

3:14 AM


reading some girl's blog just reminds me of myself a while ago. to think that i could past that now is such miracle i think, and still have my sanity on. sometimes i still could feel the taste of how i feel those days, those years. those constant disappointments, the let downs. never have i thought i could feel the way i feel today.

now, those days feel so far, alhamdulillah...

the funny thing about reading the girl's blog is. i feel her anger. somewhat close to mine. sometimes, i miss that girl, :)

she was so angry, so confuse, so vulnerable, so full of theories, so full of herself...

glad deni didn't meet me at that time, it seems that that girl disappeared along God settled all her problems for her. she didn't understand it at the time, but after a while she did... and after God open those pages one by one, there's nothing that she has but faith in Him...

we may not understand what's in front of us today, but believe.. you will at the end of the day, and not slightly the way you wanted it to be, but better.

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