Tuesday, November 21, 2017


just finished Ingrid goes to the west, a satire comedy about social media. the length of people just to be excepted on a (digital) society. even though those we're never been a reality for their live. just exactly how real do we post about our self in social media? although we tried to say we have nothing to hide, there is a little lie in (if not every) most post, because we wanted to tell a story. we want the story to be sold.

i don't think any social media star has a slightest touch of reality, and they do think what they were so right about everything, just because people give them double tap. they actually thinks that the double tap was a sign of friendship.

people try so hard to be excepted, even bought the things that are so important to the community, just to have a slight similarity, or inviting a comment. in the other hand, if the topic don't have much respond, they would stop. and will continue to post only the ones that would have much respond. i think we've been guilty to these kinda crimes in a small scale... and decided to stop when it became unreal. but people like ingrid do take the extra effort to make it, and i hope you are not one of those.

it's actually sad, when one social media influencer is clinging to another social media influencer to expect that they are real friends. to think that the other person actually care about him/her. i wish sali never have to hold on to these kinda friendship, and value real friends in real life. who actually knows about you. who actually connect.

pictures are taken from this great article about the movie


  1. Yaaan, baru sempet mampir lagi di blog lo. Trus bingung "Hah, blog nya Yana di hack siapa nih kok jadi keminggrisan gini?" hahaha

    1. hahaha.. bukannnya campur sari yah isinya blog gw.. kok bisa masih inget blog aku wur.. kirain udah ga ada yg baca, ga taro link dimana-mana :D

    2. btw aku jadi malu blog keminggris dibaca kamu... takut ditindak grammar policeee wurr.. kmrn rasanya ga pas aja cerita pake bahasa indonesia :P

  2. You should know better. Real friends aren't real 2. Real is the one you've been treated poorly. It's only a couple of months from now. If you really care, tell him the whole truth. He met the wrong person, said the wrong things and he's been set up. Every move is predicted. No matter how hard he try, it's dead end. Thanx 2 u, he'll collapse in no time. He always cover you. But you pushed him to the edge while you think it's funny because you know you are safe. But not him. He was played by people as evil as your trusted fellows. You know you had no chance telling him without waking his anger. But it might help him recognize. And you think his virtual friends don't care? You might be right. But whatabout you? Are you ready to fight on your own? He's running out of time protecting you from something he knows nothing about. But I think you'll gave every thing to keep it save. Even the one who secretly save you from March 2009.