Tuesday, August 04, 2009

once in a lifetime kebaya

i didn't wanna make a kebaya at first.. because it cost a lot, and you'll only wear it once.. ever since my lil sister get married, i feel in love with her kebaya, and i wanted to wear them for my akad. she get a lot of help from my moms friends, everybody participate in the kebaya, one even buys her the fabric, french lace, that we could not afford, it was so beautiful and expensive for me that i did't think i could've had the same gorgeous kebaya.. since we're in low budget, my options are only, my moms kebaya or hers.. which i didn't mind at all.. i love the historical more than the actual thing..

but my mom insist, she knows me too well.. even when i was lying to my self.. she knows how much i love clothes, and its impossible that i didnt want a wedding kebaya.. we got into a big fight, because she suddenly bought me a broken white lace and bring the fabric without asking me to a kebaya tailor in mayestik.. i was so mad, she cried.. i know she only wants me to be happy... i said i was sorry, and we'll work it out so the kebaya wont be so expensive.. gladly ibu ima the tailor, love making it, she came a bargain price.. i cannot believe the result.. it was way way better that my sister's kebaya.. i loved it...

thank you mom, if you're not persistent as you are, i wont have such happiness that we all feel that day... LOVE you.

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