Tuesday, June 12, 2012

virginia wolf

If you encounter a wolfish mood, do not fear. Remem­ber, stay calm...

If the wolfish mood is yours, then try to make nice. Say hello, take it for a walk. You can start by vis­it­ing all the places that make you happy, say the library, the cake shop… Your wolf may growl as you try to dis­tract it, but a lit­tle growl­ing never hurt any­one. If you have a kite, then fly it. What starts out low can end up high. Swoop­ing, soar­ing. Watch the birds. Fol­low a but­ter­fly into a garden.

If the wolfish mood is some­one else’s, give it space and time and lots of patience. Wolves some­times need gen­tle coax­ing. Once the wolf is tired of howl­ing, ask it if it would like some candy. Or strawber­ries. Maybe even a cupcake. Be cre­ative. Make it up as you go along.

And always, always remem­ber that there are so many things that can help lift a wolfish mood: lots of treats, vio­lin music, a good art box, funny faces (some­times), fluffy pil­lows, a win­dow and clouds, a painted lad­der, roam­ing space, turquoise birds, candy blos­soms, love, love, love,
and (last of all) a big imagination.

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