Tuesday, January 27, 2015

queen victoria...

i was just mesmerized looking at her works... victoria ying is an artist at disney feature animation, she develops character and visual references for the animation at disney. her works includes, paperman, frozen and big hero 6. this is the kinda hands i wish i had back in my animator wannabe fase :P.

and took the courtesy to watch her interview with her husband mike yamada (a visual development artist too on dreamworks) here... such an inspiration..

this is like a reminder of executing an idea in general...

"... one thing that i notice a lot of is.. people are rushing to kinda the big beautiful painting, because that's what they want to put in their portfolio and then they kind of rush past the foundational stuff, its like.. is the perspective working? is the anatomy on you character working? is the composition working? and they may not think about that stuff, because they were like.. oh i want to get to the exciting part, i wanna do color, i wanna do light, and yea that stuff is great, but then you kinda came to a point where.. you know those things they... because working on that stuff on top of a bad foundation it's very obvious that you didn't care enough at the really beginning."

take a peak at her her instagram and her blog, and their (she and mike) store.

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