Wednesday, May 21, 2014

the witch..

this month has been the toughest for me. not only i have tons of things to be done (work, kukla, sali, and my next month short trip), i also have to let go my partner, Anggia.

i hated her the first day of work, but we instantly match because of Imogen Heap. my relationship with her became a love and hate relationship, our boss says our chemistry match too much that we could finish each other sentences. we've been through heaven and hell..  and now a denial phase for me. great luck my dear.. i know you will still be bugging via whatsapp.. *cium basah meler meler

si penyihir from thingamabob tales on Vimeo.


  1. duuh kok jadi ikutan sedih :')
    cos pernah ngerasain pisahan sama partner in crime juga huhu

    anw gudlak ya anggia :)