Friday, February 14, 2014

Making Nice in the Midwest

I've been following @mandimakes on instagram for quite a while now. i got this post on her Pinterest, you might want to read this...

Confessions of a Working Blogger Mom

"There are plenty more things to say about how unglamorous my life is, but it’s way more fun to pretend that everything is beautiful and fulfilling in my life, so that’s the side of my life that I tend to share with you, when I have time that is. I’ve been trying not to stress about getting posts up as frequently here, because I would just rather spend that extra time with family and friends. I’m sure you get it. And I’m sure you’re not sitting here clicking refresh and wondering when a new post will pop up. But I do enjoy sharing things with you all here, though even more so, I enjoy the sense of camaraderie with you all and fellow bloggers on social media, like Instagram. Just let’s not get too caught up in appearances, ‘kay? We’re all just regular ol’ humans, after all!"

I specially love the part about Blabla bunnies. I want to hug you Miss Mandi.. *smooch


  1. akupuuunn ingin memeluk si miss mandy ini, intinya bersyukurlah dan kamu akan bahagia :)

  2. @tia mengejar gaya tuh gak selesai selesai, mending kalem sama yang sudah kita punya, supaya lebih bahagia :)